How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files with Ease

Have you ever mistakenly deleted some files by pressing Shift & Delete keys? Have you ever permanently deleted files by emptying the Recycle Bin? Want to know how to restore permanently deleted files?

Can We Recover Permanently Deleted Files?

As we know, if we delete files by pressing Shift + Delete buttons, these files will be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved directly from Recycle Bin. Now, is it possible to recover shift deleted files? Is it possible to recover permanently deleted files?

Of course, we can.

As a matter of fact, when a file is deleted by pressing Shift + Delete buttons, its contents aren’t immediately destroyed. Windows just changes one character in the file table to mark the space the file occupied as available for new data storage. And, the file would only disappear forever when new data takes up its space. Therefore, as long as the deleted files have not been overwritten by new data, we still have a chance to get permanently deleted files back.

Permanently Deleted Files Recovery

When it comes to permanently deleted files recovery, you can try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. As a piece of free and professional data recovery software, it can help to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Vista/XP without damaging the original data because of its high security. Besides, this freeware not only can recover files from computer hard drive, but also recovers files from memory card, USB drive, and other storage devices. What’s more, this professional program offers wizard-like interfaces, thus even our grandmother can easily handle this tool to retrieve permanently deleted files without any difficulty. In general, as long as the lost files have not been overwritten and file loss is not caused by hardware failure, you are able to restore lost data by using this professional freeware. Here, you can read this post – This Tool Can Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows– to know more information about this freeware and permanently deleted files recovery.

Video Tutorial: How do I recover permanently deleted files

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Here, we take Windows 10 for example.

Firstly, download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the computer. After that, launch it and then click Undelete Recovery from its main interface. This module is specially designed to recover files deleted by pressing Shift and Delete buttons and recover files after emptying Recycle Bin.

Second, select the drive you want to recover and then click Scan button.

Finally, check all needed files and click Save button to store them in a safe place. Do not store the selected files to the drive containing lost data. Otherwise, the lost data could be overwritten.


  • If you are recovering some photos, you can preview them before saving.
  • If there are so many files found, you can make use of the Find and Filter feature to find needed files more quickly and correctly. To be specific, if you remember the file name, you can type the file name to find the file directly; if the file name has been changed, you can filter needless files by file name/extension, file size, and creation or modification date.

Warm prompt:

  1. Always back up all needed files.
  2. Avoid deleting files by press Shift & Delete buttons.
  3. Think twice before emptying Recycle Bin.

Are you still suffering from data loss? Now, you can try the free MiniTool data recovery software to get lost data back. It will surprise all of you.