How to make your Windows PC look and feel like a Mac

Even the most die-hard Microsoft fanboi will admit – in a moment of weakness, of course – that Apple’s OS X has a sweet UI. 

So, if you want your Windows system to look and feel like a Mac but don’t want to shell out the big bucks, you may want to check out the Snow Transformation Pack for Vista/7.

“The transformation pack is freeware [and] automatically replaces the system files in Windows and installs icons, wallpapers, screensavers, sounds and login screens, shutdown dialog box and many other UI components which are very similar to Mac OSX,” explained Nirmal of Life Rocks 2.0.

“[But remember], the Snow Transformation modifies system files and icons, so [be sure to] create a system restore point before installing the application.”

Meanwhile, Gizmodo’s Whitson Gordon notes that the pack looks “surprisingly” like OS X – with just a few exceptions in usability. 

“[For example], there are a few manual tweaks you can make to make even look more Mac-like (such right clicking on the Taskbar, hitting Properties, and checking ‘Use Small Icons’ in the Taskbar tab), but overall it looks pretty good. 

“[So], if you’re tired of the usual Windows GUI and want to get a Mac-like experience for a while, it’s a neat and easy tool to help you do so.”