Intel to expand set-top box business

Intel has confirmed that it will be expanding its set-top box business by acquiring Texas Instruments’ cable modem lineup.

“[We are] focused on delivering SoCs that provide the foundation for consumer electronics devices such as set top boxes, digital TVs, Blu-ray disc players, companion boxes and related devices,” explained company spokesperson Bob Ferreira.

“This acquisition specifically strengthens [our] product offerings for the continuum of cable gateway products and reinforces Intel’s continued commitment to the cable industry.”

According to Ferreira, Intel will be combining TI’s Puma product lineup with its Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard technology and Atom-based SoCs to deliver “advanced” set-top boxes, residential gateways and modem products for the cable industry.

“[Our] objective is to provide cable OEMs with an open and powerful platform for delivering innovative and differentiated products to service providers that improve the video, voice and data content experience at home.”

Ferreira added that all employees of TI’s cable modem team have already received offers to join Intel at sites in their home countries (primarily Israel) and will be absorbed into Intel’s Digital Home Group.