How to become an Apache Spark & Scala Certified Professional?

Data is one of the biggest components in the world today. Be it for business purpose or for regular communication, data plays a very important role. Taking the business perspective into view, it is very important to have expertise in data and data management. These days it is not only important to have a proper degree but you require different other certifications to make sure that you are keeping your CV higher than others in this competitive world. The best platform for such courses designed around data management is with Simplilearn’s Apache Spark Training and Scala certification training.

What is Simplilearn’s Apache Spark and Scala certification training?

Big data has gained a lot of popularity over the years mainly due to their importance in the business world. Most industries these days require experts who can handle Big Data management and this demand for professionals have lead to the increase in the need for good Big Data training. The Simplilearn’s Apache Spark and Scala certification training will help you to gain the expertise in Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem that will help you to kick start your career in management.

Why should you opt for this course?

Ever since technology took over the world, things like GraphX Programming, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Machine Learning Programming, and Shell Scripting Spark are an essential part of the skills required by any manager. The Apache Spark certification will help you to gain expertise on this and much more. If you are planning on taking up a career in Big Data analytics, this is the best option for you. Anyone who wants to gain expertise in Apache Spark will achieve a lot through this training.

How to become an Apache Spark & Scala Certified Professional?

This certification course requires you to fulfill two criteria. If you are able to fulfill the following criteria, you can actively become a part of the training programme and then give the examination in order to earn the certification:

  1. You will be given some projects by Simplilearn. Completion of these projects is one of the criteria. The project will be evaluated by trainers who have the expertise in their field. Once you submit the project through LMS, they will be passing it on to the experts. They will be grading you on the matter that you have submitted and will be certifying the completion. It is normal to have some queries while doing the project. If they are some system related queries, you can talk to the experts there to clarify them. In case you are facing difficulty is completing the projects due to inadequate knowledge, it is recommended that you join any of the ongoing classes so that you will get the required training to complete the project on hand.
  2. The next criterion is to give an online exam. The main criterion is to attain a score of 80% or more if you want to get the certification. The saving grace is that if you have completed the first criteria, you can reappear for the online examination.

It is mandatory to fulfill both of the criteria if you want to get the certification. On completing both the above things, you will be given a certification that will prove your expertise in Big Data.

The certificate ensures that your future employers or interviewers will give you preference when it comes to considering you for the post of a manager. Big data concepts are an integral part of any business these days. This certification will help you to get a good job opportunity and then prove yourself in the career that you have chosen.