Greenhouse: Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment is a huge task in any organization. In fact, you are expected to take some huge decisions that can have a lasting impression on the prospects of your organization. The Applicant Tracking Software tools – referred to as ATS, can be quite helpful in this regard. One such ATS tool that has been receiving rave reviews is Greenhouse Recruiting Software.

Greenhouse – An Overview

Though we have mentioned Greenhouse as an ATS tool, it works even beyond being a mere Applicant Tracking Software. If you are checking out the best talent acquisition software tools, Greenhouse should be your prime choice.

Greenhouse simplifies the task of screening the applications, interviews and rejection process. Hiring is made a breezy affair – thanks to the intuitive and intelligent interface. Greenhouse would be perfect for the enterprise level solutions. The popularity and success rate of Greenhouse is quite evident from the client base that it enjoys – Cisco, Time Inc and Airbnb are some of the examples. The service uses an intelligent guidance mechanism to automate all the tasks related to hiring.

How Does It Work?

Greenhouse works an integrated system that integrates all the activities associated with your recruitment process. It performs these tasks in a streamlined process.

To begin with, Greenhouse looks for the possible candidates from different sources. These sources include job boards, events, in-house referrals and recommendations from external agencies. It is well integrated with job boards like Glassdoor, SimplyHired and Indeed. The tool analyses the applicants based on the criteria put forth by the recruiter and accepts or rejects the applicants on that basis.

Once candidates are shortlisted, the Greenhouse calendar schedules the interviews and allocates the slots for future interviews. The calendar can integrate well with other timekeeping tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and other similar tools so that you can keep track of multiple meetings. Automatic intimations and reminders to candidates and recruiters.

Greenhouse – It Improves Your Recruitment Efficiency

It is an able software for your recruitment tasks, but what we liked the most is the collaborative feature of the app. It saves you considerable time that may be unnecessarily spent in meeting up with the other interviewers to discuss the right candidate.

How? Let us explain. The collaborative feature would be helpful in checking out the thoughts, notes and the scoring provided by other interviewers in real time. This would do away the need for the time spent in discussing the right candidate.

Why Should You Opt for Greenhouse

Well, efficiency is the name of the game here. Just set it up once and you can use it for a variety of purposes. Whether for recruitments or for onboarding, Greenhouse should work as your one-stop solution for all kinds of staffing.

If you have a new project coming up in your organization, you can use Greenhouse for tracking the performance of the staffers you already have and assess their abilities to find whether they are suitable for staffing in a particular project.

Pricing and Plans

Greenhouse offers you three different plans as per the requirements your organization may have. You may choose the plan that meets your requirements.

Core Plan –This plan comes with the basic features and functions. Some care features include Application Tracking, Structured Interviewing, Hiring Team Collaboration, Multi-channel Sourcing Hub, Candidate Experience, Standard Reports, Mobile App, Support & training and Integration Ecosystem.

Pro Plan –This plan has all the features available on Core Plan. In addition, you also have access to Power Reporting, Workflows for Scale, Advanced Career Page Configurations,andSingle Sign-On.

Enterprise Plan – This is the high-end plan available on Greenhouse. It offers you all the features available on Core and Pro plans. The additional features include Advanced Data Configuration, Enhanced Security,Developer Toolkit, Advanced Anonymization & Privacy and Business Intelligence Connector.

You may opt for any of the plans featured above depending upon the requirements of your organization. Greenhouse does not specify any specific price for its plans and services. The exact pricing depends upon the number of employees you have. Just drop them a mail and they will offer you a price suitable for your organization.

The Bottom Line

Greenhouse is indeed the best when it comes to ATS tools out there. In fact, we love it for the automation features that it offers you. The ease of use and functionality of the tool are what would make it an excellent choice.

It offers you a better recruitment schedule and provides an excellent Talent acquisition tool for your requirements. Do use it for your recruitment needs and we are sure you will definitely make the most of it.