Covesting: The Only Name You Need to Know for Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investing is taking the world by storm. It’s not just mining enthusiasts and cyber fanatics that are getting in on the action. Cryptocurrency, in spite of being decentralized and unregulated (or possibly because of it), has proven itself to be a viable investment with excellent potential for long term gain.

Covesting, a platform that allows members to copy the trades of skilled and experienced cryptocurrency investors, is poised to be a leading contender for cryptocoin trading. Covesting is introducing the concept of peer-2-peer asset management to crypto currency markets, an approach that has a solid performance record in the classical markets such as FX and Equity is now available for investors and traders that are turning to crypto assets.

Started in 2017, the company plans to be the frontrunner when it comes to peer-to-peer asset management. Boasting a combined 60 years of trade experience, the company is run by a team of experts in the fields of investment banking, finance and trade, as well as the world of blockchain with artificial intelligence and fintech (financial technology). To say a potential newcomer couldn’t be in better hands is an understatement.

But it’s not just newcomers who see the potential of the Covesting platform. Investors and traders both benefit from a largely untapped market with such a magnificent growth potential.

Subject to a great deal of volatility, the cryptocurrency market requires a keen sense of timing and inherent understanding of potential risks in order to find the best opportunity for profits. That’s exactly why Covesting is stacking the deck with highly developed traders, offering peer-to-peer asset management services for cryptocurrency.

For investors, it’s like finding gold. Even experienced investors are cautious about treading into such a new territory. While there are many extremely well known and successful investing in cryptocurrency on the market, such as Covesting, there others who barely make it out of the gate before falling into the virtual abyss.

Experience of Accomplished Cryptocurrency Traders

Harnessing the experience of accomplished cryptocurrency traders, investors have the unique opportunity to copy their trade actions as well as learn the many nuances of the global exchange market. Not only as it stands today, but due to the social ambience of Covesting, investors are kept in the loop about advancements, failures and future projections for the entire industry.

More than just an investment platform, Covesting creates a social environment including a newsfeed, blog posts and encourages interaction with other members as well as trade experts. Traders can post updates to the newsfeed and offer expert insight about why certain trade decisions were made or answer frequently asked questions about the cryptocurrency market.

Can’t wrap your head around blockchain? Someone on Covesting can walk you through it. Not quite sure what a market cap is? There is a community of traders to help you understand. That’s the beauty and the power of a socially designed platform.

But the newsfeed, peer-to-peer engagement and copy trading are just part of the educational tools that Covesting provides. Glossaries, links to important publications and websites, even video tutorials to round out the balance.

Investor Appeal

Restless investors, eager to join the digital currency market but hesitant about potential ponzi schemes, fraudulent investment companies and fly by night brokerages, see the Covesting platform as the perfect solution.

In crypto copy trading, it is the investors themselves who are making their own trades. Investors have full range of choice when it comes to choosing which traders to follow, copy and also when to stop following. Information is but a question away, not to mention an army of support. The element of control lies with the investor and not the company.

For investors, no funds are going directly to the trader’s accounts. All copied trades occur securely within the investors personal trade account. All trade activity is monitored in real time, and can be accessed and reviewed at will.

Investors can also build a large trader pool to copy. Up to 20 traders can be followed and copied at one time, allowing investors to vary their goals and strategies among different traders. This level of investment diversity broadens the exposure to the market and manages potential risk.

Trader Appeal

Traders also have a great deal to gain from Covesting. Not only do they have access to capital, but traders can build a lucrative career based on their own success.

Traders earn a generous portion of the fees when they set up a trade that is copied by investors. Each investor that copies the trade increases the income the trader earns. It’s truly a system where hard work and success are rewarded.

Team Dynamic

Investor or trader, peer-to-peer asset management is based on a team dynamic. And true to form, that is exactly what Covesting is creating. A trader’s success in driven by followers, and investors follow successful traders. Each form an important part of a team dynamic, whose ultimate goals are one in the same. Profit, success and future growth.