Google releases Android 3.0-optimized ‘Earth’ app

The new tablet version of Google Earth has been released.

Featuring stunning 3D images and fast-loading street-level photos, the new app delivers an experience to bring the power of the world’s satellites to the powerful Android 3.0 platform.

“When we launched Google Earth in 2005, most of us were still using flip phones. At the time, the thought of being able to cart around 197 million square miles of Earth in your pocket was still a distant dream. Last year, that dream came to fruition for Android users when we released Google Earth for Android,” wrote Google in a blog post.

The new app also has an “action bar,” which makes it an easier and more seamless process to visit favorite and saved locations with Google Eart’s service. You can also view other data on the screen, like Wikipedia tag, Google Places data, or photos from Panoramio, overlayed on top of the Google Earth pictures.

“Your tour through the streets of Manhattan will look more realistic than ever,” explained Google.

The new version of Google Earth is available for all Android tablets, including those running Android 2.2, but Google says the 3.0-optimized version delivers the best experience possible.

One of the biggest complaints about Android 3.0 remains that there is a lack of apps optimized for the OS, and although this isn’t a killer app, it is a welcome update for those who have invested in the latest Android technology.