Johnny Depp reveals he can’t see 3D

The Pirates of the Caribbean star won’t be able to appreciate the technology of his latest flick.

Johnny Depp has revealed in an interview that he suffers from what he calls a “weird eye,” and like a small chunk of the population he is physically incapable of seeing 3D effects in movies.

“I’m unable to see in 3D. My eyes don’t see in 3D. I have a weird eye… It just doesn’t work. It may come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never seen normally,” he told the TV show Access Hollywood.

Depp’s latest film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is his first 3D movie. It’s sure to bring in a lot of dough because of the additional price for 3D movie tickets, but Depp, who may not even attend the film’s global premier tomorrow, won’t be able to appreciate it.

Filming a movie in 3D requires a lot of extra effort not only from the technical crew but from the entire cast as well, since shots need to be perfectly coordinated and filmed with multiple cameras, making the entire process a huge ordeal.

There’s no statistic on how many Americans suffer from eye conditions making them incapable of experiencing 3D movie effects, but it is not an extremely rare condition. There are many viewers who suffer from a similar fate as Mr. Depp.

For those who can enjoy the 3D revolution, however, On Stranger Tides will be released nationwide on May 20.