[Giveaway] 1:1 Backup Old DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro for Free

In our data storage, DVD still plays an important role. Making backups of our most favorite videos to DVDs, ISOs, and folders is never an easy task. From improver storage to video quality and playback issues, it’s always one problem after another. But with the WinX DVD Copy Pro, backup old DVDs to DVD, copying your favorite videos unto your DVD and enjoying the same quality even after decades is the ultimate big thing.

Those DVDs you have purchased, you have the full right to play it as often as you like. Protect our DVD collections far away from damaged and make it playable every time we need; renew the old DVDs is never a bad idea. With WinX DVD Copy Pro, the times of DVD video copy protection are over. Corrupted files will be recovered like magic. Backing up dirty DVD disks is simple. Bad sectors such as the Sony ARccOS are also removed – and all of that is free?

Afraid of the cost? Don’t have a license? Don’t worry; it’s a free giveaway – where you get to have the best DVD backup software of all times for free – run before time runs out.

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Your DVD backup software of choice – for free?

WinX DVD Copy Pro is well-built, clean, and robust software that allows you to do a lot: copy DVD to DVD discs, make backups of your DVD to ISOs, and DVD folders, as well as DVD to MPEG2 for play. The catch? The software creates 1:1 backup DVD copies, which allow a seamless playback mode on your computer whiles still maintaining video quality – and it doesn’t matter how many years, you will always enjoy quality videos.

9 DVD Copy Modes! Excellent Features you get for free

DVD to DVD cloning: copy all your DVDs to other empty DVDs for storage. No matter the type of video you have, you can clone it to either a DVD+/-RW, to a blank DVD+/-R, or to a DVD+/-R DL.

● Store your DVDs as ISOs: WinX DVD Copy Pro allows you to excellently mirror your DVDs into ISO images – and you get to control what is added, what is removed, and what is stored.

● Extend your computer playing mode by backing up all your DVDs to a VIDEO_TS folder on your computer.

● From DVD to an MPEG2 File: You can copy all your DVD videos to MPEG2 files, maintaining video quality, sound, and all that there is to keep – the choice is yours.

● Chapter-Only backup of your DVDs: do you want to keep only a particular episode or chapter of a video? It’s easy with WinX DVD Copy Pro. It allows you to undertake a sector-by-sector copy DVD videos, so you get to keep the sectors, sections, or episodes of the video you want on your DVD.

● Need an ISO mounter? WinX DVD Copy Pro will do it for you. With this software, you can mount ISO images, allowing you to directly burn, play, or rip any video of your choice.

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How can you have all these features for free? Well, that’s exactly what WinX DVD Copy Pro is excited about – about giving you something premium at no cost. It’s a giveaway you wouldn’t want to miss.

With the WinX DVD Copy Pro free giveaway, you get access to a free license code to use and activate your software – and then start to renew old DVDs of your choice, ISOing your DVD videos, copying, and performing all sorts of cool stuff with your DVD videos.

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