Faster Chrome browser gives JavaScript a boost

Google is marking the second anniversary of Chrome with the launch of a newer, optimized version of the popular browser.

Product manager Brian Rakowski explained that the latest iteration of Chrome was significantly faster and more streamlined, as it offered a 3x increase in JavaScript performance compared to the original browser.

“We’ve also been working on simplifying the ‘chrome’ of Chrome. As you can see, we took the already minimalist user interface and stripped it down a bit more to make it easier to use,” Rakowski wrote in an official blog post.

“We combined Chrome’s two menus into one, revisited the location of the buttons, cleaned up the treatment of the URL and the Omnibox and adjusted the color scheme of the browser to be easier on the eyes.”

Rakowski also reiterated that Google was “hard at work” on making Chrome even faster by working to improve graphics performance via hardware acceleration.

“And with the Chrome Web Store, we hope to make it much easier to find and use great applications on the web.

“We also ratcheted up the pace of our releases so that we can get new features and improvements to everyone more quickly,” he added.