Facebook offices are moving

It looks like Facebook is going to have to change the address in its “Info” page, as the company is looking to buy a huge corporate campus that used to belong to computer manufacturing company Sun.

Facebook’s real estate director John Tenanes said in a press conference that the company has entered into a 15-year lease, and after five years will be able to buy the campus.

With 11 buildings and a stunning one million square feet of office space, there’s enough room for 3,600 employees.

This will mean closing up shop in 2013 at Facebook’s current headquarters in Palo Alto, where it is currently bursting at the seams due to rapid and wild growth.

The new place isn’t far, though. Employees won’t have to pack their bags and find a new home as the difference between the two office spaces is about six miles.

Facebook said the former Sun campus was far and away its top choice because of its proximity to the current headquarters and because everything is already built.

Renovations are currently underway for the new place, and many of them should be done by the end of the summer.

Some employees will continue to work out of Palo Alto until the lease at that spot runs up in 2013, but over the next 12 months almost everyone will be moved, and they’ll be moved in batches.