New info claims Verizon didn’t fix iPhone antenna

After a comprehensive teardown of Apple’s iPhone 4 built for Verizon’s mobile network was posted online, and saw there was a more durable antenna present, many suspected the days of “antennagate” would never hit the new mobile carrier.

But now, a contradictory report is coming out, and this one comes from people who actually have the new iPhone.

A Youtube video shows how the “death grip” caused by holding the iPhone a certain way is still here and can cause the phone to instantly lose reception, just from holding the sides of the device.

In a teardown analysis from iSuppli, it saw there was a new dual antenna design, which should have eliminated the problem. However, it looks like that didn’t actually work out to well in the practical world.

Nevertheless, the addition of a stronger antenna design should mean the problem isn’t as big of a deal. But it looks like it just wasn’t eradicated entirely.