Facebook may be launching its own e-mail service

As it stands now, the only reason you ever need to leave Facebook is to check your e-mail. That may soon change.

The social networking giant has been working on a little project called Project Titan, which according to Tech Crunch is a Web-based e-mail client fully embedded into the Facebook interface.

People would reportedly be able to sign up for an e-mail address with the @facebook.com extension. The e-mail service apparently has all sorts of bells and whistles, allowing users to analyze, sort, and organize their messages in a brand new Web 2.0 environment.

The launch may be earlier than expected, too. There is a press event for Facebook in San Francisco on Monday. It’s being reported this event will have something to do with the new e-mail service.

This comes as tensions between Google and Facebook continue to grow. Each side wants to be able to “borrow” data from the other, mainly contact info and data about other users that specific individuals communicate with.

When it comes to free e-mail, that’s one thing Google still has a pretty strong grasp on. With its virtually limitless storage and fresh interface, there’s really no reason to have anything other than a Gmail account for your personal e-mail.

However, Facebook’s specialty is one-upping Google, and if it manages to bring a worthy e-mail competitor to Gmail, that will only further add to the clashing that already exists between the two online behemoths.