New iPhone software is delayed

Apple has just delayed the rollout of its iOS 4.2 update to iPhones and iPads amid strong anticipation and hype. It was supposed to be available today but now Apple has confirmed, it won’t.

Actually, it didn’t so much as confirm it as it just didn’t release it. That’s Apple for you. It leaves you to realize that it missed its planned release, instead of actually saying so itself.

According to Macstories, it seems as though it’s the iPad that is causing the trouble. It already has spotty problems with the current firmware, and putting out new software could make it even worse.

So now iFans are left waiting until Apple decides it’s ready to launch the firmware upgrade. We have no new date.

So those who want the ability to multi-task, use the Game Center social app on iPad, or have enhanced wireless connectivity will just have to hang on to their current devices a bit longer.