Effective Contract Management Software

Contract management is one of the newest software additions in risk management. Effective contract management software is therefore one of the new pillar stones of helping to reduce the risks you take in business by signing unclear contracts and agreeing to things that you don’t intend to.

But what makes effective contract management software and how do you know if the software you’re using is reliable? Let’s take a look at a few pointers that really make Symfact effective contract management solutions stand out.

Use of contract templates

Contract templates make it much easier for a company to create and edit new contracts. Contract templates will form the basis of any new contract, and you can simply add in the information you need, change certain clauses and even create your own templates in the event you need to send multiple contracts to your clients. This speeds up your workflow and still gives you the customization you need to stand out as a company.

Simple to create new contracts

By simply loading up a template and dragging information like documents and email contacts into the software, you can form a new contract within minutes. You don’t need to copy existing contracts and change clauses and you don’t need to start from scratch.

Organization of contracts

Organizing your contracts is one of the biggest advantages you’ll experience when it comes contract management. You no longer need archives of contracts that are sorted and then dumped in a storage room–you can simply access them from the internet.

Encrypted transfer of data

Sending contracts via the internet will always open up concerns. Security is a very real and complicated risk, but thankfully, effective contract management solutions like Symfact have thought about this already. All contracts and data related to your contracts will be sent with encryption to ensure that they cannot be intercepted and stolen.

Browser-based platform

By utilizing cloud-based software, your business can be far more agile and it allows for remote working opportunities. It means you can access your contracts and manage them from the comfort of a mobile device, laptop or a tablet as long as you have an internet connection.

Multi-language support

Whether you need to change the language of the software, the locale or the currencies used, effective contract management has this in mind already and it’s incredibly easy to support multiple language, making working with overseas and international customers a breeze.

Faster contract creation process

Ultimately, contract creation software helps to speed up your workflow and make it faster for you to interact with and make deals with new clients and customers. It’s a productivity booster and will give you and your business an upper hand over other companies that are still struggling with traditional contract management solutions.