Commander One for better file management

Commander one is a free dual-panel file manager that helps you to deal with your files in a conveniant way. Quick and intense, yet so natural to use, it offers basic features for total control over your files and folders — it can spare you a lot of time. Commander one was made in Swift and is completely compatible with OS X 10.13. If you are looking for an FTP client for Mac I strongly recommend give it a try.

Commander One is a great application to have on your Mac in case you’re disappointed with OS X’s work in file management with native Finder.

When it’s installed, you get dual sheet perusing, boundless tabs, an assortment of arranging choices, a simple click for uncovering shrouded files.

It also includes a bunch of new consoles and easy routes to make moving files around a breeze. In case you’re not good at getting things done on the Mac, Commander One is more than a proficient option.

Dual panel interface:

– Established dual panel appearance with the option to set your own shading and text styles;

– Boundless tabs for opening as many organizers as required;

– Three view modes for helpful work with various sorts of files: Full, Brief, and Thumbs.

Simple route and show:

– Show concealed files in a click;

– Line files tasks incorporating those as of now in advance;

– Intuitive files and organizers;

– Rename files and organizers while moving them.

Different pursuit techniques:

– Work in look with standard articulations bolster;

– An inquiry by file substance;

– Spotlight search.

There is a great deal more about Commander one that can improve your work schedule:

– Document and concentrate files and open Compress as consistent folders;

– Review a wide range of files, including Hex, preceding opening them;

– Set up hotkeys for most every now and again utilized tasks;

– Utilize brief mode to see and oversee numerous files without a moment’s delay;

– Get speedy and simple access to the organizers that are open or you utilize the most through History and Top choices;

– Built-In Process viewer.

Additional advantages offered by Commander One for advanced file management:

– FTP, SFTP, and FTPS Manager with the likelihood to change file authorizations by means of these conventions;

– RAR bolster with separating, full access and pursuit;

– 7zip with packing, extricating, hunt, and full access;

– Terminal Emulator on macOS;

– Mount MTP, Android and iOS gadgets;

– Mount Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and the other cloud accounts as a drive for advantageous access.

Free file manager with a batch of features

At the bottom line: It’s a great alternative to native Mac Finder with a number of basic file management operations. The app has the following features: a built-in FTP and WebDAV clients, iOS file browser, archive extractor and compressor. Commander one is also capable of searching through archives content, mounting the most popular cloud storage accounts as local disks, managing system processes and executing commands in built-in Terminal Emulator.