Best Way to Download Videos on Your Mac

Millions of users from pole to pole prefer Apple devices for their reliability, cool design, and high performance. Yet still, there is one more coin side – Mac users are limited in their choice of apps and programs to use. One of such shortcomings is the absence of capability to download videos or audio files independently. Maybe very soon Apple will work over the program which will let users of their devices do this, but in current times, they ought to search for third-party apps, compatible with their operating system.

The primary purpose of our review is to check out how to download videos on Macintosh computers through the use of Downie program. Wandering around the cyberdomain, you’ll see a bunch of other solutions but are you sure that all of them are worthy? We’ll dispel all of your doubts and make you convince yourself that Downie is a reputable program, able to conform to requirements of Mac owners.

Downie: What is this?

This is an application which is appreciated to be a must-have tool for those, who used to download videos from such platforms as Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It belongs to the group of premium tools, but free trial version also exists. Its foremost object is to provide users with a reputable program, enabling them to download their favorite videos onto their Mac in a matter of seconds.

How to Download a Video through the Use of Mac?

Your first task is to download the installer. If you currently use OS X 10.9 and other newer versions of the operating system, you can install Downie. You can find the app on their official website. The setup procedure is very simple and requires several minutes of your time. As soon as the app is installed, you can start enjoying its beneficial functionalities.

You have finally selected a video you want to download. You just need to show what you want to download and the program will do this for you. Otherwise stated, you need to find the link to the video and drag it from your browser to the Downie’s Window (or just copy/paste it).

If you prefer downloading audio files only, you can integrate the software with iTunes. Commonly, the procedure doesn’t last for too long and you will be able to monitor the progress of downloading.

This particular software supports more than 1000 websites. For that reason, you’ll definitely find what you need.

The premium version of Downie is packed with muchness of useful options. One of them is the capability to download even 4K video files from YouTube. This is one of the most distinguished features offered by the application.

With Downie, users can download files in mp4 or standard HD. If necessary, compressed or ZIP files are also available for downloading.

Their support team is available on a full-time basis and if customers face any issues, they will answer them promptly.

The average price of this software product is $20 but users can check out its benefits through the use of a free trial version. Analyzing apps, offering similar functionality, you won’t find anything better and cheaper.

Basically, Downie is a reliable, modern application, which can be your right hand dealing with downloads on your Mac device. You can either put on pause or renew the process, download videos in various formats and enjoy lots of other cool features developed to meet the demands of Mac users.