5 Important Equipment You Need When Setting Up A Pedicure Spa And Salon

Setting up a pedicure spa and salon-like any other service-oriented business is no small feat.A lot of research and planning is involved.

But for the purpose of this article, we shall focus on the essential tools and equipment you need in order to run a successful pedicure salon and spa.

We shall assume that you have considered those initial basics of the business in terms of the type of services you want to offer, your target audience and the location of your spa and salon, the next thing to consider is the necessary equipment you will need to furnish the spa and salon.

Your target audience and the type of services you want to offer should determine the type of equipment you will require in your pedicure saloon.

As a new business, you need to save cost by cutting out unnecessary expenditure so that you can have enough of the most important things you’ll need to kick off the business. Unless you have tons of cash to spend, your pedicure saloon does not need to look extremely luxurious at the outset. All you need are some basic equipment/tools which are geared towards meeting the needs of your target clients.

Below are the top 5 essential equipment you must purchase when setting up a pedicure spa and salon.


It doesn’t matter how many equipment you have or how expensive they are, if you do not have the tools to manage them, then you will never get the optimum benefits from them.

Don’t forget that your pedicure shop is abusiness and that it musthave the proper management tools and supplies that will help you run your business more efficiently. These include cash registers, phones, salon stations, supply carts, etc.

The type of administrative tools you’ll need will largely depend on some factors like the size of the salon and your target audience. So if your spa is located in a high traffic area, you will most likely be expecting a lot of customers and so you’ll need more than one of the most used tools.


Hygiene is a top priority in the pedicure business. If you want to succeed in this business, then you’ll need to pay a lot of attention to hygiene.

Very few places are as scary as a dirty pedicure salon. No customer will want to be exposed to the hazard of contracting an infectious disease during a nail appointment. Scientific and medical journals often warn about thehealth risks of getting a pedicure treatment.Business owners have a duty to make their pedicure spas and salons clean. The environs must adhere to the recommended safety, sanitation and infection control measures.

In order to maintain a clean and hygienic pedicure salon, you should invest in cleaning equipment and tools.

Apart from cleaning chemicals and tools, you must provide restrooms for your clients. Always ensure that thelavatory is thoroughly cleaned at all times. Also, ensure that it is equipped with the essential toiletries and sanitary products.


It is obvious that you cannot accomplish anything without your working equipment or tools. At all times, you must have a good number of tools and equipment in your salon. If possible, ensure that there are spares of every tool and equipment in your salon. You want to have a quick replacement when any equipment or tool fails to work properly.

While some of these tools are disposable, others need to be cleaned and reused. Some important tools in a pedicure saloon include, nail buffers, toe separators, cuticle oil, nail clippers, cuticle nippers, pedicure foot file, manicure bowl, dappen, acrylic powder kit, acetone, gel polish, nail polish, moisturizing lotion, antibacterial sanitizers/soaps, electronic nail filer, cuticle pusher and so on. Make a comprehensive list of the tools you need and ensure that you haveevery one these items.


The nail salon business is very competitive, and for you to stay at the top of the game you have to be creative in terms of the furniture you install in your shop.

Personally, I avoid salons that have low-quality furniture. If I am going to spend hours in a salon, then those hours must be spent in comfort. If the chairs have given me a backache in the past, I will definitely do my best to avoid a repeat experience.

Services provided in the pedicure business take quitesome time. Think about it: the clients need to have their legs washed, cleaned, treated, dried and decorated.

These activities take time and the client needs to be comfortable in other to enjoy these services. Therefore, pedicurists are advised to acquire the most comfortable pedicure chairs. The best chairs often come with built-in baths.Also, pay attention to the reception tables and waiting for chairs. Not only do they have to be attractive and of good quality, they should blend with the design and color theme of the spa and salon.

In conclusion, setting up a pedicure spa and salon requires a lot of careful attention to detail. Customers pay attention to the slightest detail and they take note. Always strive to make a good impression on your customers so that they will keep patronizing you. And who knows? They’ll probably refer their relatives and friends.

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