Best Firestick Remote Apps in 2018

The Firestick has a built-in HDMI connector that can be connected on any television to get a better viewing experience. You can stream different movies and TV serials through a firestick. To enjoy Amazon firestick, you must use a high-quality remote application.

There are various remote applications present in the market, but you have to select the appropriate one so that you can get the best out of that application. Therefore this article will discuss regarding a few essential remote application for Firesticks. There are many Firestick Apps which are supporting to the virtual remote.

Best Firestick Remote Apps in 2018

1. CetusPlay

This remote app is loaded with amazing features and offers a variety of modes such as mouse mode, touch mode, a keyboard mode and direction-pad mode.

You can use any of the above modes according to your requirement. This remote application allows you to cast your files directly to the target device via the firestick. This remote application comes with a multi-language facility for most of the countries.

This application has a very straightforward interface, and hence you can consider this as a user-friendly application. This application is available for Android and iOS devices and even works on Kindle Fire Tablets.

2. Amazon Fire TV Remote

The Amazon Fire TV remote application has a straightforward interface, and hence you can operate Amazon Fire TV very easily through this remote application.

This remote application provides quick access to different movies and TV serials present on Amazon Fire TV, and it also provides a voice search facility. But voice search does work for certain applications such as Netflix.

Main features of Amazon Fire TV remote are as follows:

  • It offers a straightforward navigation facility.
  • This remote application supports playback control.
  • It has a keyboard for simple text entry
  • It provides quick access facility

So this is a handy application for anyone who wants to use Amazon Fire TV effortlessly.

Kore Remote

Kore Remote is the official remote application of Kodi media player. Therefore you will not be able to use Kore Player on any other media streaming application. If you are planning to install Kodi on your TV or other devices, then you should try the Kore Remote.

It has various amazing features which are listed below:

  • It offers library Browsing option
  • It has Media Play controls.
  • It provides several colour themes.
  • It can efficiently manage your playlist.

Apart from all the above features, another great feature of Kore Remote is that it supports many foreign languages like German, Italian, Russian, and Dutch etc.

Limitless Remote

This remote application has a large number of amazing features, but the problem with this application is that it is not designed properly. Its colour, design and layout are not up to the mark.

This application comes with multiple mode options which are 4-way D-pad, gamepad mode, keyboard mode, mouse mode, and joystick mode.

This application can automatically load all the apps which are installed on your firestick. So, we can say that this is a handy remote application although it is not correctly designed.


Rokie is a remote application which is specially designed for Roku Streaming player or Roku TV. It has various amazing features which will help you to operate the Roku streaming player easily. This application has a very straightforward interface and a high-class design.

Though this remote application, you can access movies, music, games and other facilities offered by Roku. The main features of Rokie are as follows:-

  • It automatically detects Roku in the Wi-Fi network.
  • It has a large touchpad with a convenient menu and content navigation.
  • You can launch the channel directly from Rokie.
  • You can easily navigate through the different option on Roku with the help of this application.

This remote application is compatible with Roku1, Roku2, Roku3, Streaming stick, Ultra and Roku TV etc.


This remote application is used to control Kodi from your android device. Yatse is the default remote for controlling Kodi. Yatse is the best application to control Kodi along with Kore remote which is described earlier. It has a straightforward interface, and hence you can easily operate Yatse.

Through Yatse you can easily choose your favourite movie or TV series. It also lets you pause and play videos, change the volume level, adjust screen size, and even allow you to embed subtitles. It also allows you to create custom widgets for almost any command.

Another great feature of Yatse is that it allows you to use voice command to control Kodi flawlessly and even lets you listen to music from android device instead of your media center. Yatse can also work without Internet connection.


So these are the main remote applications which are essential for you because through these applications you will be able to control the Firesticks effortlessly. These remote applications also possess few additional features which provide a high-quality experience while using Firesticks.