10 Interesting Facts About Tattoos

Tattoos are fascinating. To some people, they are compulsory. To others, it may not be so important, but it is certainly no less fascinating. Tattoos have evolved through human history, not just as a show of fashion, but also as a brilliant method of symbolism that no human eye can ignore. Here are ten things you may or may not have heard about the famous tattoo:

1. More Women Are Tattooed In The US Than Men

In the United States, 59% of women have tattoos, compared to 41% of men. 40% of women shared their experience of getting a tattoo, and the number was definitely not so high in men. Women have tried out several designs, ranging from sweet roses to skulls.

2. Getting Pierced Is Literal In Every Sense Of The Term

Your skin can be pierced between 500 to 3000 times per minute during the process. This is because the tattoo is not drawn on the epidermis, which is the topmost layer, but on the dermis, which lies underneath and is more stable.

3. Allergies Arrive Any Time

You may not necessarily have an allergy immediately after getting a tattoo. So, if you don’t end up getting one after the tattoo has been etched, you may not consider yourself completely safe. Allergies happen to people months and even years after the tattoo has been completed, so you need to remain aware. Visit a dermatologist when you see a rash on your skin.

4. No Hidden Tattoos

Tattoos should be done in places where they would be visible. However, 20% hide their tattoos, especially if personal, under clothing. Scientifically, this isn’t a good thing to do – especially since you sweat more under your clothing, increasing the chance for rashes.

5. Chinese Tattoos

Confucius was pretty critical of tattoos! He thought they were a violation of the human body as a gift from eternity. However, paintings and historical artefacts have shown Chinese people tattooed from as early as 3 century BCE. That’s pretty old enough – and the Chinese knew how to do it in style.

6. Tattoo Above The Rest

Rock star Rocky Tommy Lee got inked mid air in 2007, on a Gulfstar G4 private jet from Burbank, California to Miami. His feat is recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records.

7. Tattoo Fanatics

Lucky Diamond Rich, a New Zealander is the world’s most tattooed person, with tattoos covering 100% of his skin. Yes, even underneath his eyelids. He stole the title from Tom Leppard. The record for the most number of tattoos done in 2 hours resides with Kat Von D from Los Angeles.

8. Holy Love!

The most common tattoos are those of angels and hearts. No wonder then, you found these too common for you! Others generally prefer names etched on their skin. Some people prefer to have their pets drawn on them, and we think its a very sweet gesture.

9. It’s T-A-T-T-O-O

Tattoo is one of the the most misspelt words in the English language. Lot of people forget where to put the t’s and that results in hilarious variants. Well, a good practice reading of a dictionary may help you there, but nothing’s going to help you if your tattoo itself is misspelt! When you get the tattoo done, ensure that there is no error in the spelling – especially, if you get a tattoo done in another language that you don’t know.

10. You Will Hate Holidays After This

A spot where the tattoo has faded away or disappeared is known as a holiday. That’s why – stick to calling your trip a vacation! When a holiday appears on your skin, it may not look very nice. This is because your skin cells are replaced daily and with the death of old cells, the tattoo fades away too!

The tattoo is clearly interesting. It has had a long history of association with humankind. Many hundreds of years after people first learnt to draw on skin, the tradition survives even today as a form of brilliant artistic ability.