Apple iTunes update disables Palm sync

Apple has released an updated version of its iTunes software. Predictably, iTunes 9.0.2 blocks the Palm Pre’s ability to sync media files with the popular application.

According to Pre Central, iTunes successfully launches when the Pre is connected via media mode, but does not appear as a device on the sidebar.

It should be noted that Apple and Palm have been engaged in a bloody war of attrition for months. Indeed, Palm has updated the Pre to enable iTunes syncing, while Apple has done its utmost to block transfers from what it describes as “non-sanctioned” devices.

Dan Moren of MacWorld compared the ongoing struggle to a classic Cold War espionage drama.

“The cat-and-mouse game between the two companies reminds me of some of my favorite classic John Le Carré Cold War espionage dramas—you know, if Cold War espionage dramas had been really boring and primarily revolved around arcane details of software development,” wrote Moren.

Moren also described Palm as “lazy,” and suggested that the corporation design its own Mac-compatible software.

“Even RIM took the time to make its own Mac software. But no, you had to base a marquee feature of your flagship product on a hack—and an easily blocked hack, at that,” added Moren.