Nvidia: Our nForce chipsets are "better" than Intel’s

Nvidia has claimed that its nForce chipsets are “better” than Intel’s. A company spokesperson also criticized the chip manufacturer for allegedly postponing USB 3 introduction until 2011.

“Nvidia nForce chipsets have traditionally been full of innovative features, even better than Intel’s own chipsets. [For example], Nvidia Ion has redefined the netbook category,” Nvidia spokesperson Brian Burke explained in an e-mailed statement to TG Daily.

“However, it has been widely reported that Nvidia will not be making any new chipsets for the Intel platform until our dispute with Intel is resolved.”

According to Burke, a “lot” of innovations on the PC platform originated from chipset technology.

“We [have also] learned that Intel is postponing USB 3 introduction until 2011. With no competition in chipsets, it seems Intel has decided that innovation is not needed for USB any time soon,” said Burke. “With no one to push Intel to innovate, PC enthusiasts are left with Intel chipsets and the features and performance they deliver, or lack there of.”

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