Acronis: Best Data Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V

Data backup is very important and that is why getting the right backup solution is critical. For data backup and protection on Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines and hosts, Acronis Backup is the go-to software for backup. It is a backup solution that is easy to use and fastest for protection, coming with an enhanced backup validation and blockchain-based authentication of your backups. Acronis Backup is the backup solution for your Hyper V.

Why is data backup crucial for the Microsoft Hyper-V?

The Hyper-V is a product of Microsoft for hardware virtualization which allows you create and run a software version your computer- a virtual machine which behaves like your computer with an operating system and programs.

For computing resources, the virtual machine is more flexible, time-saving, less expensive and more efficient than hardware which runs on only one operating system. The efficiency of the Hyper is capable of running multiple virtual machines each in isolation,therefore; you can run more than one virtual machine on the samehardware simultaneously.

Other benefits of Hyper-V:

  • The ability to create or expand a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from centralized desktop strategy, helps to increase business agility and data security; simplifies regulatory compliance and manages desktop operating systems and applications.
  • Development and testing is much more efficient for reproducing different computing environments without having to buy other hardware.
  • You can create or expand a private cloud environment for more flexible, on-demand IT services since you can move to or expand access to shared resources and adjust utilization by demand.
  • It enables a more effective use of computer hardware by consolidating servers and your workloads onto fewer computers thus using less power and occupying less space for hardware.
  • You should improve work continuity since the impact of both scheduled and unscheduled downtime of workloads is minimized.

Acronis backup and data protection

Acronis is a leader in data backup and protection especially for small-medium businesses, which makes it the ideal provider of secure data access and for disaster recovery. The data protection and back covers:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software
  • Storage management
  • System deployment

Why Acronis data backup and protection works best with the Hyper-V:

A system of complete business protection

Three options of Agentless, Agent-Based, and Host Backupare available to protect all your Hyper-V data with an agentless backup for your virtual machines and install the agent for guest-initiated iSCSI and pass-through disks. A backup can be created on the guest level and Acronis further backs up hosts for complete virtual infrastructure protection.

Resilient Change Tracking and Changed Block Tracking will reduce backup time, network usage, and storage requirements significantly by integrating with Windows Server 2016 resilient change tracking (RCT). This allows for the creation of ultra-quick incremental and differential backups- save only the fresh or new changes made since you backed up last. With Windows Server 2012 and 2008 it uses proprietary Changed-Block Tracking (CBT) technology to enable only the backup of fresh changes.

Speedy recovery: The world’s fastest recovery feature

  • Acronis Universal Restore

Reduce downtime by restoring Linux and Windows operating systems to different hardware and also on cloud environments, bare-metal physical or virtual.

  • Acronis Instant Restore

No data movement is required for this option; restore data in 15 seconds or less by starting your Windows or Linux backup directly from storage as a Hyper-V virtual machine.

  • Acronis vmFlashback

Get back you data in a flash through speedy restoration of VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines by leveraging Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and recovering only the data changed since you last backed up.

  • Hyper-V Host Bare-Metal Recovery

Improve infrastructure resilience by backing up your Hyper-V hosts and restoring the entire system not just virtual machines to the same hardware or a different one.

  • Workload Migration

Get improved business agility by migrating virtual machines between different hypervisors and differentcomputers, or the cloud.

  • Easy Granular Recovery

Easy granular recovery offers better user experience satisfaction and reduces recovery turnover times by restoring folders, files, mailboxes, databases, documents, and individual emails directly from a complete image backup. You will not require any additional steps or third-party tools to actualize it.

Acronis backup flexible storage options

  • Local disks, NAS, SAN: Bring down considerably RTOs of individual systems toquicken granular recoveries supported by any local and network-based disk storage. With this, there is no need for the establishment of backup or media servers.
  • Tape Drives, Autoloaders, and Tape Libraries: An advanced option to satisfy regulatory requirements and disaster recovery needs by storing backups on local or central tape devices with support for media management, tape rotation, and retention rules.
  • Acronis Cloud Storage will ensure data recovery from any disaster and maintain control of data location by storing backups in one of 14+ secure and reliable Acronis Cloud Data Centers.
  • Variable Block-Size Deduplication: Advanced option to reduce disk storage capacity utilization and network bandwidth requirements and protect more systems with efficient, resource-friendly in-line and global deduplication.

Intuitive and scalable management of the web

  • Centralized Web Management Console to reduce IT’s workload with a touch-friendly, web-based management console. Access of the web console from any deviceincluding tablets reduces RTOs.
  • Role-based Administrative Access is an advanced feature which enables IT to protect remote offices, branch offices, and departments with the ability to manage, delegate, and establish roles for multiple administrators.
  • Customizable Dashboards reduce time-to-action and resolve issues quickly with customizable dashboards for quick insights into your infrastructure.
  • Advanced Reporting feature boosts infrastructure resiliency with regular, customizable reports that focus on the exceptions in your infrastructure.

Innovative Data Protection

  • Acronis Active Protection is anexclusive feature proactively prevents the need to recover by protecting data and systems from ransomware attacks, detecting and preventing suspicious changes to data, backup files, and the backup application.
  • Acronis Notary is advanced and exclusive to improve regulatory compliance and validity of recovery, ensuring your backup’s authenticity and integrity with blockchain.
  • Acronis ASign is another advanced and exclusive feature to reduce miscommunication with users, suppliers, and customers, supporting the authenticity of your files with signatures enabled by blockchain.
  • Strong Encryption will improve the security of your data with at-source AES-256 encryption of your backups and metadata, protected by irreversibly encrypted passwords.