6 Lesser Known iPhone Features That Will Make Your Head Turn

The debate between whether iPhones or Androids reign supreme is sure to be an age-old tale that never ends. And, while Android fans will tell you their phones have the neatest features, there is no denying that iPhones come packed with their own little gems as well.

In fact, we are here to share with you some of iPhone’s most hidden secrets; features you probably didn’t even know about. Unless of course, you are an iPhone master, and in that case, kudos to you!

But for those that have no idea how to tap into the true power of their iPhone, read on to see what you really hold in your hands as you make your daily phone calls, check your social media, and send out those friendly texts.

1. See All Open Safari Tabs

If you are looking for an old internet tab, and need a quick way to scroll through your recent history, try holding your iPhone in landscape mode.

Then, pinch the screen as if you are trying to zoom out on an image. You can now see all of your open Safari tabs and spot the one you are looking for.

2. Close All Safari Tabs

On the flip side, for those wanting to quickly close all of their Safari tabs, without having to do it manually one by one, simply hold down the Done button in the bottom right hand corner.

Next, watch a little popup appear asking you if you want to close all X number of tabs. Click on that and watch everything vanish instantly.

3. Find Level Surfaces

This handy little trick is great for those that love DIY projects. Simply load the Compass feature and swipe to the left. Notice there is a spirit level tool that is perfect for determining whether something is level or not.

Use this hidden app with your phone lying flat on a surface, or on its side (in either portrait or landscape mode).

4. Hide Photos

If you have photos that other people should not be viewing, here’s an easy way to hide them. Inside Photos, select the images you want to hide, click on the Share button, and choose the Hide option.

Your photos will now be invisible to those scrolling through Moments, Collections, and Years. They will be available via the Albums screen, however, so make sure you don’t have anything too inappropriate if you’re handing your phone off to friends and family.

5. Set a Bedtime

For those that have trouble going to sleep at a certain time each night, only to wake up the next morning dreading the day ahead, try using your iPhone’s bedtime feature.

Opening up the Clock app in your phone, simply click the Bedtime link at the bottom and set up a healthy sleep time. You never know, you might find yourself following a stricter sleep schedule and become healthier as a result.

6. Make an Emergency Call

If you find yourself in an emergency, and need to call the authorities but can’t unlock the only phone available thanks to the iPhone passcode, try this trick.

Rapidly click the side button 5 times to see an Emergency SOS slider. Drag that slider to call for emergency services, without ever having to unlock the phone.

Moreover, contact your emergency contacts (set up in the Health app) after the emergency call is made.

Sending text messages to those on your emergency contact list, your iPhone will also alert them of your location. You iPhone will even alert them of location changes for a period of time after the SOS call goes out.

Altogether, the iPhone has some nifty features that users can take advantage of for their own pleasure, or for very real situations.

Keep in mind however, not all versions of the iPhone will have every feature mentioned. In fact, if you are sporting an old iPhone and are looking to upgrade to a new one, you should look into places like Gadget Salvation and sell your iPhone for cash that can be used towards your next phone purchase.

That way you too can get in on all the fun iPhone users have (and Android users don’t!).