RISC OS hits Raspberry Pi

If you’re a modder or dev who likes to play around with the Raspberry Pi, well, you may be glad to hear that there is yet another OS available for the little device.

The latest operating system? RISC OS, and yes, we know, it isn’t exactly new.

Indeed, this particular OS was coded in the late 80s by the same developers who designed the first ARM processor. Compared to the available hardware when the operating system was first launched, the Raspberry Pi is obviously a veritable rocketship. Meaning, the veteran RISC platform should be one seriously fast operating system even when running on the Raspberry Pi, which boasts relatively modest specs concurrent with its low price point. 

Previously a closed OS, RISC now has a number of programmers reference manuals available online. Interested? You can download RISC OS here. As noted above, RISC OS isn’t the only available operating system for the Raspberry Pi and you can also check out the optimized and aptly named Raspbian operating system.