AMD’s C-70 chip powers Foxconn’s AT-5570

Typically, when we talk about Foxconn, we’re usually discussing the manufacture of products for industry heavyweights like Apple. However, Foxconn is now showcasing a new small form factor computer that it apparently built for itself. 

Dubbed  the Foxconn AT-5570, the little desktop computer is powered by an AMD C-70 dual core low-power processor. The computer uses no fans making it silent, which is somewhat of a big deal if you want to place the small computer on your desk or  in the living room to watch movies.

Power sipping is ultra low, with the CPU weighing in at a TDP of 9 W, which produces little heat and, and as noted above, allows the system to employ a passive cooling platform.

The C-70 dual core CPU also boasts AMD Radeon HD graphics (Radeon 7290) supporting HD video playback and DX11. Additional specs? A 2.5-inch drive bay that fits a traditional hard drive (HDD) or SSD, along with space for up to 4GB of RAM. 

This small form factor computer should be ideal for use as a HTPC or a PC on a cluttered desk. It certainly won’t offer the processing or graphics muscle for high-end video games, but should do very well for streaming video and playing casual video games.