New Skype version adds Retina support

The latest iteration of Skype’s software has just been released, for both Mac and Windows.

Skype version 6 adds a slew of new features, but perhaps the most noteworthy is the specific feature it brings to Mac. Although it is admittedly the less important platform for Skype, the newest Mac computers have a resolution that most PCs can’t measure up to.

So Skype’s addition of support for the Retina Display is a big deal. It will make video chatting that much more realistic, like you’re sitting right in front of the person.

So, in addition to that, the new Skype platform also offers a single sign-on feature that integrates with Facebook. Or, you can also log on with a Microsoft account.

Yes, Microsoft is finally putting its acquisition of Skype to its full potential. Users can not only log into Skype as though it’s just another one of their Microsoft services, they can also chat with contacts from their Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, and Microsoft Outlook accounts.

So this latest update is arguably one of the biggest Skype updates ever, particularly as the first major upgrade to the software since the Microsoft buyout.