AMD launches BlueStacks-powered Android AppZone

BlueStacks and AMD have teamed up to launch AppZone, a curated collection of Android apps for Windows PCs.

Powered by BlueStacks, the AMD AppZone Player will allow hundreds of thousands of Android apps to run on next-gen x86 Windows 8 slates, laptops, tablets and AiO desktop PCs. 

“AppZone is available for AMD’s massive global installed base of Windows 7 based PCs,” an AMD spokesperson told TG Daily.

”The collaboration with BlueStacks with optimizations for AMD GPU and APU technology enables a superior experience on AMD powered PCs relative to other app stores like AppUp.”

The AMD AppZone is currently live and can be accessed here. 

According to PC analyst Tim Bajarin, the creation of AppZone is the “right move “and a winning proposition for BlueStacks, AMD and for the entire PC ecosystem. 

“Everyone is eagerly anticipating Windows 8, but consumers want a broad selection of familiar apps now. AMD and BlueStacks have addressed that in a big way,” he added. 

Running Android apps on AMD x86 hardware certainly seems like a winning proposition, but it remains to be seen if the promise of the best of both worlds – Android and Windows 8 – will be enough to tempt consumers away from ARM-based tablets which will almost undoubtedly carry a lower price point than their x86 counterparts.