BBC wants to pioneer concept of ‘3D radio’

Yes, the market for new “3D” products is still alive and well.

If you’re like the majority of consumers, chances are even though you enjoy going out to the theater to see the occasional 3D movie, you really haven’t seen any value in buying a 3D TV for your home.

And even if you have one of the costly television sets, there’s still a good chance you, like me, rarely or never actually watch 3D content at home. But that isn’t stopping the BBC from moving into the 3D universe in a very different way.

The broadcaster is apparently working on a new technology for its radio broadcasts that it is referring to as “3D radio.”

The idea is that in the same way that 3D television and movies try to make you a part of the action, 3D radio aims to provide an immersing audio experience that makes it feel like the action is happening all around you.

This would be most useful for things like concerts and sporting events.

BBC research and development lead technologist Frank Melchior said in an interview:

“We want to deliver a new experience to the audience that gives them more immersion and involvement in the content. We also have to make sure we are flexible enough in the delivery of this content. It has to sound OK on headphones as well as on speakers.”

If successful, the BBC 3D radio project would not require listeners to buy new stereo equipment.

3D audio may be more accessible to consumers than 3D video, so it’ll be interesting to see if this new concept manages to take off.