Windows Media Center in Windows 8 will be paid upgrade

Microsoft is revealing how Media Center will be part of the Windows 8 strategy.

 The entertainment-optimized flavor of Windows has had a bit of identity crisis ever since it was first introduced in Windows XP. Back then, it lived as its own exclusive version of Windows (Windows XP Media Center Edition).

But then, in Vista, it was just embedded into the premium versions of the OS, allowing people to more easily locate and access their music, movie, and picture files.

Until now, though, the idea of multimedia applications on computers hasn’t been fully realized. In this current environment where more and more people are linking their PCs to their TVs and hosting large media files on their computers, Media Center is more relevant than ever.

So it might come as little surprise that Microsoft will require users to pay extra for Media Center in Windows 8, according to Liliputing.

The exact cost hasn’t been disclosed, but consumers should be aware that if they want the ability to set up DVRs from their computers or stream live TV through Windows, it’s going to cost this time.

Of course, for Microsoft, the risk is that users will go to other software options for their entertainment computing needs, but for the majority of Windows users who like just staying with what’s familiar, it could make a pretty penny for something that consumers have grown used to having for free.8 software you can upgrade to Pro by purchasing a Pro Pack — which will include Media Center functionality.

The company hasn’t yet revealed how much the upgrades will cost, which isn’t surprising. Microsoft hasn’t even announced how much the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro operating systems will cost either.