Kim Dotcom may get some bling back after paperwork SNAFU

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom and several high-ranking members of his management team were arrested in New Zealand several months ago.

The United States is currently attempting to extradite Team Dotcom to stand trial on several charges, including criminal copyright infringement. Dotcom was only recently let out of jail on bail, yet reports are now surfacing that there has been a significant procedural error in the case that could see some of his seized property returned.

Yes, New Zealand authorities have acknowledged that a significant procedural error was made before confiscating property belonging to the MegaUpload founder.

Exactly what property Dotcom could possibly regain is unclear, but law enforcement officials are known to have confiscate numerous items from the MegaUpload founder.

Indeed, police were photographed removing cash, cars, jet skis, art, and other valuables from the rented mansion where Dotcom and his family lived.

The procedural error has reportedly been linked to the New Zealand police who supposedly filed for the wrong category of restraining order, namely, one that didn’t allow Dotcom have a court hearing before his property was seized. As such, a New Zealand Court recently ruled that the restraining order allowing the seizure of assets is null and void.

However, Dotcom isn’t guaranteed to get any of his property back. CNET reports that his legal team would have to prove an absence of good faith when a procedural error was made. Personally, I’m not sure what proving an absence of good faith would require in this instance, and at least as of now, there is no indication on when the Dotcom legal team might take up the issue in court.