Google Earth fills in the gaps

If you are a big fan of Google Earth, you will definitely appreciate the new update. Yes, version 6.2 of the popular app ditches all the gaps you normally have to deal when exploring the planet.

As Google’s Peter Birch notes, the gaps and patchwork appearance prevalent in previous iterations of  Earth can be attributed to the way satellites operate. 

Meaning, satellites snapping individual photos cross over land masses at different times of day and in various weather conditions.

The result? Certain maps feature dark squares, some with clouds, while others parts – often right next to each other – are clear and bright.

Fortunately, the new update employs an advanced algorithm to properly align the photos and remove the gaps. 

What you now see is a smooth and clear globe that can be properly explored – rather than a blocky map to view.

In addition, Google has added the ability to share maps on Google+. Unfortunately, the new sharing feature doesn’t yet extend to Facebook or any other social networks. Nevertheless, using Google+, you can share photos for your city or house and show your friends your favorite places to visit.


You can also get biking, walking, and public transportation directions right on the Google Earth images. And finally, search improvements have been made, with Earth now featuring a more refined autocomplete feature.