Microsoft: Xbox 720 is not launching this year

A Microsoft representative has quashed rumors that the Xbox 720 will be all the rage in 2012.

The company’s head marketing guy in France Cedrick Delmas spoke with French news website Lepoint. His comments were summarized in article that translates to “Nothing new in 2012.”

When he was asked about all the speculation regarding the Xbox 720’s unveiling at E3 in June, Delmas said he is “not convinced that things are happening this year.” He reiterated that the “cycle of the Xbox 360 is by no means complete.”

Of course, this console generation has broken all rules that used to apply to video game systems. They’re running a longer life because of strong Internet connectivity that allows them to be updated and improved over time.

For the Xbox 360, Microsoft also launched its Kinect motion camera that it hopes will rejuvenate the system. It is also banking heavily on enhanced non-gaming experiences like live TV, streaming music, and social networking.

There have been multiple rumors that the new Xbox successor will be revealed at the big E3 show. It has been eight years since Microsoft showed off a new console at the annual trade event.

Nevertheless, Delmas is assuring that Xbox fans should not get too excited. “What is certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012,” he said.