5 Reasons Why You Are Your Best Designer

When it comes to renovation, people usually think about matching colors and styles, tiny details with big pieces of furniture. All of it is believed to require a lot of experience and background knowledge, thus – to be very expensive as a service. However, it is not completely true. We can prove that you can do it on your own – and even better than a professional designer. Just stay tuned!

1)  Your experience.

No one knows how you like to open the drawer with your left hand while brushing your teeth with your right and how you need two mirrors to check the back of your hair. These are the things that can not be predicted by any other bathroom designer, but yourself. You know how you like to place your shampoos and creams, which lighting is best for the room, and what material should be used on the walls. And with virtual bathroom planner design is even easier than you thought!

2)  Color attitude.

Most of us have our most and least favorite colors, the ones that calm us down or cheers us up. And it is not always those who are supposed to do that from a psychological point of view. You know your taste and how the colors work for you. Moreover, we are sure that you have tons of saved pics from socials on your phone with interior inspirations. So, you can successfully replace designers on this step as well.

3)  Knowing what you buy.

When the customer receives a project of his future apartment, it is hard to imagine how all of this will look like in real life. However, when you go shopping yourself and look at each of the elements and pieces of furniture, there can be no surprise for you, you are prepared. And you pay only if you like everything you see with your own eyes.

4)  Expenses.

Just imagine how much money you can save if the room is done without a designer. No commissions, no compensations, and a whole lot of available options for each position. With the designer, you usually choose from a shortlist of partnering firms, whilst on your own, the sky’s the limit. And you can put the money you saved into your renovation!

5)  Tools and programs.

Creating a design plan is not very easy, and we admit that. Too many things have to be considered before approving the final version which you will stick to. So, to boost your confidence,  we developed a tool that will help you decorate the apartment easily and be fun! Make sure to go to Roomtodo planner https://roomtodo.com/en/4709/bathroom_planner/,  express your inner creativeness, and make your changes!