4 Things You Have to Know about Apple’s iOS 12 Update

As summer sets in and fall quickly approaches, it’s time you start gearing up for Apple’s newest update: iOS 12.

Affecting iPads and iPhones, this new update is going to be the latest smartphone and tablet operating system software available for Apple products. And, though it’s unlikely you would expect anything less than a bunch of cool features, we’re here to give you the scoop on some of the best to come.

1. Old Phones Will Run Faster

If you have an older iPhone, expect major speed and performance enhancements. For instance, look for a 40% jump in app launch speed, 50% faster keyboard openings, and 70% quicker camera speed.

This is of course in response to the age-old complaint that with each new iPhone release (which continues to happen at lighting speeds), older iPhone versions get slower.

And, while the option to sell your old iPhone 7 exists using trusted companies like Gadget Salvation, if you aren’t quite ready to turn yours in and buy a newer model, it’s good to know your older phone will still perform.

2. Better Siri Shortcuts

Sometimes Siri is helpful, and sometimes she is just a hot mess, which can be frustrating to those trying to take advantage of the built-in voice feature.

With iOS 12, you’ll be able to program Siri Shortcuts that tie specific actions to commands you say straight into your device. This will make performing routine tasks, such as finding your way home via GPS, a whole lot easier.

3. Memojis

Okay, so this feature is more fun, and less practical, but it’s still neat. With your iOS update, you’ll be able to turn your face into a living cartoon, called a Memoji.

Adding to this, FaceTime support is expanding to support up to 32 people at a time. And you guessed it…you can bring your Memoji right into FaceTime to join the fun!

4. Activity Monitoring

It’s hard to discern between our real lives and out smartphone lives these days. After all, everything is so closely connected. But the key to maintaining happiness is to track the amount of time you spend on your mobile devices and make sure it doesn’t bleed over into quality time with family, friends, or much needed alone time.

With this upcoming iOS update, Apple is planning to release activity usage reports that you can tap into to see just how much time you spend doing what.

Want to cut down on Facebook time? See how much time you spend scrolling your feed daily and aim to lower it each day.

In addition, you’ll be able to extend your Do Not Disturb Mode into bedtime so you can stop with the ringing, vibrations, and on-screen notifications while you snooze.

And there you have it! Some of the best update features expected to release this fall when Apple lets its iOS 12 update out of the bag.

Keep in mind, no official release date has been set, though they usually launch alongside new iPhone releases in September. So, enjoy the summer and be on the lookout for cool new iPhone and iPad updates very soon!