4 Apps That Help Students Track Their Nutrition

Technologies have significantly changed our lives. We meet friends, communicate and make purchases online applying many gadgets that no one even thought about 15 years ago. The spread of “smart” devices proves that even our eating habits can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Useful mobile apps and trackers can change the way you eat – a nutritionist who is always with you – is not it wonderful? We gathered best free nutrition apps for students to track their nutrition and stay healthy.


MYFITNESSPAL is a simple and convenient nutrition calculator app that will not let you overeat during finals. The app will require you to enter your weight (actual and desired), height, date of birth, gender and level of physical activity, and then calculate the daily rate of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. All your meals should be recorded in the diary of nutrition. Caloric value is calculated automatically, based on the portion.

The app features an enormous choice of foods. You just need to add those foods you eat throughout the day to let MYFITNESSPAL track your eating. Also, the app is great for saving your recipes. Another advantage of MYFITNESSPAL is compatibility with fitness trackers, which allows you to save the number of calories burned during training in the app.

During the day, MYFITNESSPAL calculates eaten and burned calories and finally summarises and predicts your weight and health condition.

Up Coffee

How many cups of coffee do you usually drink? If you are into coffee, Up Coffee will help you watch your caffeine addiction. To register, add your personal data, such as sex, height, weight, sensitivity to caffeine and the approximate time when you go to bed.

As soon as you drink your first beverage (no matter tea or coffee), record the information about beverage and volume in the application, selecting drink from the existing list. There is a list of coffee drinks to choose from, Starbucks drinks included.

After that, you will see an interactive flask that shows the amount of caffeine consumed per day. In the left corner you can see a normal drinking rate, and in the right, there is the estimated time when you are safe to go to sleep after the number of caffeinated drinks consumed. If you overdo it with coffee to stay awake and look for writing help browsing “assignment help in United Kingdom“, Up Coffee will remind you to drink more water.


Waterbalance is an indispensable assistant for those who are accustomed to quench their thirst reaching for tea, coffee, and juices instead of water. To start using Waterbalance, you need to enter your height and weight, so that the application can calculate how much water per day you have to drink to stay hydrated. After that, you have to enter some glasses of water and other liquids you drink throughout the day (on the main screen there is a list of all drinks, including alcoholic ones, which do not increase but decrease the water balance).

In order not to forget about the new “water drinking” habit, you can set a timer, which will remind you that it is time to drink a glass of water few times a day.


The application, created with the participation of doctors and nutritionists, allows you to scan product barcodes (there are more than 200 000 of barcodes in the database) to learn more about each ingredient and, if necessary, choose a healthier alternative to have a snack. There is a detailed description of each food including sugar content, fats, preservatives, artificial additives and so on.

If the snack you are going to grab can be harmful to health, the nutrition tracker will prompt you to replace it with another one. There is an opportunity to record meals and exercises to monitor the number of calories consumed and burned.

Sandra Hayward is a freelance writer and health enthusiast. She is passionate about writing and loves sharing useful tips with readers. Sandra is interested in holistic nutrition and knows a lot about best nutrition apps, which help to eat healthily. This woman is into the sport: her day will be no good if she misses the refreshing morning run.