4 Effective Ways To Promote Your SoundCloud

You must be aware of SoundCloud? If not let me tell you, it’s the heaven for people passionate about music. Yes, if you have a band or you are a DJ or trained musician or merely a music lover, this is your spot! Go grab it!

Soundcloud is the social networking platform for all music lovers all around the world. It was launched in the year 2008 and was created by Eric Wahlfjoss and Alexander Leung as a creative and collaborative space for music.

So if you got what it takes to rock the world, then this is your stage. Promote your music, your songs and your creative side here to let the world notice you.

But if you are still confused on how to do that, here are four very promising ways that will help in promoting SoundCloud.

Promote on your website

It is a critical first step to have your ‘own’ site. It won’t take many efforts all you need is to create one on WordPress. You can customize it and be creative and thoughtful at the Same time. Remember your website is like your personality or your talent. It should speak for you. But if you already have a site here are some beneficial ways to promote your Soundcloud

• Sync the SoundCloud widget on your website. Doing so will enable the visors on your site to stream your music directly from your website without leaving it.

• Active blogging is essential to maintain visitors interest. Post blog about how you created that music piece, or it’s inspiration or software’s used while mixing it.

• Use your music in a video. It can sound similar to your YouTube post, but that’s the catch, make a video and put your music it in..or simple use any original video to put your music there.

• The free download is one thing that attracts most people. You can promote your SoundCloud on your website by offering a free download.

Social Media

Don’t forget to use your other social media account to promote your SoundCloud. Like, use your Facebook page or Twitter to connect and share your music with people in your social network. There are three ways of promoting your SoundCloud on other social media. Like using the Facebook app by SoundCloud to link the music, you like, or you created on the Facebook page that you own. You can also have your brand Facebook page to promote Soundcloud music. Also, you can share the links to your SoundCloud and Facebook page on Twitter.

Finding relevant communities over the web can do a lot of good for you. There is always. The community of passionate music lovers, like there, will be one for those who love classic or one that loves the mixing. So find the one that belongs to your interest and join it, become an active member of that community by contributing to it. Post, like comment and share and then start sharing your SoundCloud links or share your music videos in a non-spammy way.

SoundCloud Promotion

The last one is most obvious, and many of you might be practicing it already. Promote your music on SoundCloud itself. Yes, it’s the best way and essential as well because it’s made for this only. How you get it done? Well, it’s vital that you get a paid account since it offers more downloads, setting and many options that are not available on the free account. Another thing that you can do is to comment on other users page, visit them, comment on them, Give your feedback, some positive criticism or even a piece of advice. It’s but obvious they will look you up to listen what you got to say. Also, always tag your post and music. That makes people search for it quickly.

Hopefully, you would have got a hint on how to start promoting your SoundCloud and probably it will be great if you spare some time to let us know if it worked for you.