Shifts of Enterprises to Cloud Infrastructure driving Demand for Telecom Cloud Services

The drop in the land line business has been hampering the telecom industry over the past few years. For telecom operators exhibiting stagnant growth in services, cloud computing is seen as a significant source of expansion. Enabling operators to optimally utilise underused networking resources cloud computing benefits telecom operators from existing business relationships. In addition, growing trend of connected devices has rendered telecom operators with an opportunity for capitalising growth of cloud services as adopters as well as providers of technology.

Shifts of Enterprises towards Cloud Infrastructure expected to drive the Market Growth

Telecom operators are focusing on aligning themselves in cloud value chain through management of cloud connectivity, advanced delivering cloud-based solutions & services, and enhancing cloud offerings by leveraging network assets. Infrastructure (IaaS), Software (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) are typically included in the telecom cloud.

As per a study by Future Market Insights (FMI), growing trends of inclination of enterprises to cloud infrastructure have driven the demand for telecom cloud services in parallel. In addition, provision of low administrational & operational costs by cloud infrastructure, and soaring demand for over-the-top cloud services are some prominent drivers for global telecom cloud market. In contrast, risk of cyber threats, and stringent telecom regulations are factors which may act as major restraints in the growth of global telecom cloud market in the near future.

Delivering PBX Functionality without Using Internet Connection

Euphoria Telecom, has recently paved a new way for delivering PBX functionality without using internet connection. At, first, this concept seemed counterintuitive as all the cloud systems depend on stable, fixed, and reliable internet connections such as fibre, LTE or fixed line ASDL. Adoption of different new ways of business operations has led their workforce to become more mobile, expecting more flexibility & ability of working at anytime from anywhere. Instead of binding to fixed office locations, Euphoria enables work calls to be transmitted to employee’s mobile device. Every call received by business’s geographic number are directed to a hunt list or a digital receptionist. Instead of using an internet connection, PBX, when needed, connects to an employee by contacting them directly on their mobile device by sending calls over GSM (mobile network). This renders the direct extensions of all employees to become their mobile numbers. All calls are routed directly to the employees’ mobile phones. A key advantage is that, although a call has been routed to employee’s mobile number, they can still control the call by transferring it to other sources.

A Multi-Cloud Application Manger

CenturyLink recently launched a new orchestration platform, CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager, designed for simple deployment of managed services, enterprise workloads, and third-party cloud resources. The company stated that this cloud-agnostic management platform offers companies to better manage applications & workloads from hybrid hosting environments in colocation centres, customer private clouds and public cloud environments. Simplifying management & governance of applications of multiple cloud infrastructures without the need to sacrifice visibility or control has become a trend in the business climate. CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager delivers enterprises the flexibility in quick provision, deployment and migration of workloads to environment that matches the best with business requirements. Customers may utilise Cloud Application Manager via the data centre version or the cloud version (SaaS). This usage-based platforms enables customers to use the required value-added-services with a consolidated bill and a powerful, yet simplified, interface.

The information presented here is sourced from Future Market Insights latest report. A free sample of this report is available upon request.

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