Samsung touts high-speed wireless USB chipset

Samsung has designed an advanced USB chipset that supports high-speed, low-power wireless transfers between mobile and tethered CE devices.

Offered in a two-chip set, the S3C2680/S5M8311 WUSB platform is capable of achieving data transmission rates of 480Mbps (Megabit per second) at an average power consumption of less than 300mW.

According to Samsung spokesperson Yiwan Wong, the chipset will likely make its way into next-gen high-res cameras, TVs, PCs, tablets, printers, projectors, Blu-ray players, portable HDDs and mobile handsets.

“Manufactured using 65nm low power logic process technology, [our] new WUSB chipset is a combination of a system-on-chip (SoC) baseband processor and an RF transceiver,” explained Wong.

“[Using] an ARM 9 core, [the] WUSB chipset features WiMedia v1.2 PHY and also has various interfaces such as SDIO, SD card, SD host, as well as a NAND flash controller, two high-speed USB 2.0 PHYs and a 128-bit AES encryption algorithm.”

He added that the versatile WUSB can be applied in an SD card form factor, in USB dongles, or embedded in consumer and mobile applications.