Motorola Droid 2 lasers Apple’s lack of Flash

This weekend, Motorola kicked off a well-choreographed PR campaign designed to kick Apple where it hurts: in the Adobe Flash zone.

Yes, the marketing gurus at Motorola – who finally have a winning product to tout – want you to know that Steve Jobs is vehemently anti-Flash.

And as Electronista notes, Motorola’s PR blitzkrieg is clearly designed to present the Droid 2 as a shiny, sexy Android alternative to Apple’s Flash-less iPhone.

Indeed, Motorola’s full-page newspaper spread spoofs Apple’s infamous “there’s an app for that” slogan with the succinct “Flash websites? There’s a phone for that” and “Flash sites require Flash capabilities…seems pretty simple to us.”

It should be, yes.

Unfortunately, Flash on Android has thus far been rated by some as “excessively slow” and lacking a full-feature set that would enable the platform to run smoothly on sites that have not been specifically optimized for mobile content.

Still, I’d rather have a phone that offers me the freedom to visit both Flash and HTML5 oriented websites.

But Steve Jobs and his “magical” lineup of Apple mobile products just don’t get it.  

Luckily Motorola does.