Samsung Android tablet may be going to Verizon

It is quite possible that a Samsung “Galaxy” tablet device, not a Droid tablet, will be the first non-phone Android device to make its way to Verizon Stores within the next several months.

Sources are spreading across the Internet claiming that the so-called Galaxy Tab will be introduced later this week at the IFA tech trade show in Germany.

The tablet will reportedly have a 7-inch touch screen and come pre-installed with Android 2.2.

Other features are likely to be on par with what the iPad currently offers, like mobile broadband access, a focus on multimedia playback, and a new slate of apps designed specifically for the bigger screen.

The market of Android tablets is starting to gain steam. Asus is also working on a similar device to launch next year. Apple has had success converting its mobile operating system to a full-sized computing device so hopes are high for a similar market that uses the much more open Android platform.

It’s been mentioned that an Android tablet bearing the “Droid” name could do wonders for the emerging market but Motorola has not even begun to speculate on any sort of tablet plans.