Google buys SocialDeck. Yep, another social media company

Google has acquired a mobile social gaming company called SocialDeck, in what is just its latest addition to a shopping spree of social media startups.

This latest acquisition comes just three days after its last one, the purchase of Angstro, was confirmed.

The rapid and mass buyouts of so many social companies highly suggest Google is working feverishly behind the scenes to bring a brand new kind of social experience to users.

This latest purchase is a company that makes mobile games playable across different platforms like Blackberry and the iPhone. Those games are also connectable to services like Facebook.

Google is most certainly going to be bringing out some sort of social gaming platform sooner rather than later. The question is whether or not all these rapid buyouts will lead to any clashes or if they are providing the desired effect of taking the best assets from each firm.

In the span of just a few months, Google has bought out online social startups Slide, Aardvark, Jambool, Angstro, and Jaiku. It is also reportedly investing heavily in the undisputed leader of social gaming, Zynga. However, plans about its social networking future remain a closely guarded secret.