RIM says Blackberry 6 won’t suck

Are you thinking of ditching your cumbersome CrackBerry for the HTC Evo 4G or Motorola Droid X? Well, you probably aren’t alone. 

Indeed, Research in Motion (RIM) has helplessly watched consumer demand slump during 2010 as its stock plummeted concurrently by a shocking 18 percent.

“Shares have declined because some investors think RIM can’t match its past performance,” co-CEO Jim Balsillie told investors at annual shareholder meeting in Ontario, Canada in a statement quoted by Bloomberg.

Still, Balsillie kept a stiff upper lip and refused to wave the Maple Leaf flag of surrender. 

“My answer to that is to perform [with Blackberry 6], and that is our intent.”

According to RIM VP Andrew Bocking, Blackberry 6 is slated to include a “wide range of changes” and “added features” that will attract “a lot” of new users, such as:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • Universal search
  • Context-sensitive pop-up menus
  • Revamped browser (WebKit)
  • Social feeds

Meanwhile, RIM president Mike Lazaridis noted that OS 6 had been built with more than 15 million lines of software code designed to run multiple applications “in a seamless way” without draining battery power.

“Despite perceptions that the smartphone market is becoming saturated, the market is so large that billions will be used around the world in the future,” said Lazaridis.

“But bandwidth capacity is limited…and devices that conserve bandwidth like the BlackBerry will have the highest value to the carrier.”

Well, we’re certainly willing to give the latest CrackBerry iteration a fair chance.

So, if you’re a dedicated BlackBerry user, you may want to wait a little bit longer before retiring your favorite thumb exercise machine.

We’re just sayin’ – give RIM a chance.