United Markets Capital Review

Since incorporation in 2016, UM Capital has continuously harnessed technology and employed personnel with impressive financial track records to provide clients with a dynamic trading and investment platform.

And more importantly, the company places great emphasis on a personal approach that provides requisite human interaction for each client. It is considered a virtue that is vigorously practiced, and implemented as company policy.

UM Capital serves over 120,000 loyal customers globally. The review highlights some key operations that make trading with UM Capital so unique.

Services Offered

UM Capital’s modern and robust trading platform provides a competitive spread that encompass profitable portfolios. They range from hundreds of Forex Pairs, Shares & ETFs, Commodities, Indices, Treasuries, and over one thousand CFDs in addition to other valuable assets.

UM Capital has also embraced blockchain technology and deployed it on their platform. Blockchain offers clients additional choice to trade in cryptocurrencies. And the global forex market has fully embraced cryptocurrencies that currently enjoy brisk trading, and created a relentless buzz in the market.  

The company’s primary goal is to provide services that that deliver unique Best User Experiences covering operations in 7 countries.


Clients appreciate the cutting-edge technology deployed and constantly upgraded by the United Markets Capital. The speed and efficiency of the web-based platform and mobile app places the global forex market virtually at each client’s fingertips.

Additionally, the diversified and SSL Encrypted App platform grants clients access to real-time alerts every 5 minutes, enables them to manage their funds, manage risk, and a detailed overview of their individual accounts.

An extensive range of Risk Management features have been integrated into the technology to help clients manage trading risk effectively, secure potential profits and minimize losses.

With advanced tools, training and support, clients enjoy competitive conditions for trade and investment. They are able to deploy stop-loss orders with 100% certainty that a target deal will close at an exact pre-determined price against them.

Dedicated Account Managers

United Markets Capital has a team of Dedicated Account Managers who are reputed for tenaciously implementing a personalized trading strategy. They tailor-make a trading plan unique to each customer, and then accompany them on a fulfilling trading journey.

Also, the Dedicated Account Managers continuous training equips clients with tools to rapidly extract vital Financial News, In Depth Analysis Techniques, Money Management Tips and Popular Trading Tips.

This strategy has become popular with clients who are able to interact personally with their account managers, and establish long-term and win-win trading relationships. UM Capital will maintain focus on providing clients with the Ultimate Trading Experience as they build successful investment portfolios.

Global Philanthropy

United Markets Capital has over the years continued to invest generously in charity activities around the world. The company management is convinced that Investing in Mankind is core to its business ethics.

And clients are very supportive of the added value the company offers by allocating a portion of the company proceeds to needy communities. The target are disadvantaged people who yearn for a better life.

UM Capital Directors located in the cities where it has operations oversee successful implementation of all the sponsored programs. The funds are disbursed based on three pillars including Economic Development, Workforce Readiness, and Financial Empowerment.