Smardis by Oren Giditz: Taking Call Center and Technical Support Services to the Next Stage

A customer and technical support department has become essential for every business, regardless of its size. Whether it is a product-oriented or service-oriented business, these departments are necessary, but the fact is that managing them is not exactly a breeze. There are huge overhead costs associated with them due to which more and more businesses have begun to consider the call center solutions that are available in the market. These are affordable and reliable, which has made them a popular choice of businesses. One name that has gained recognition in this regard is none other than Smardis.


The business process outsourcing industry is one where there is tough competition and this is where Smardis LTD has decided to make its name. If you take a look at the market, it is rather obvious that it is already saturated and there is not much difference amongst the different companies that can be found. So, what can you do to stand out? The key is to offer consistent quality and stay up-to-date with technology that’s used for facilitating outsourcing of technical and customer support. Other than Smardis SR, there are plenty of old and tested names that are part of this industry. 

However, it is a given that Smardis by Oren Giditz is doing something right for it to be able to get this kind of recognition in such a short amount of time. Even though it hasn’t been around for long, yet it has successfully garnered contracts from some of the top companies globally. The good thing about Smardis is that it has not restricted its offerings to a particular area or region. You can consult with Smardis LTD, whether you have a small, large or medium-sized business, and are in need of strong and reliable call center and technical support services.

But, what are the features that have helped Smardis LTD in making the climb to the top within the industry so quickly? Let’s check them out. 

Unique Features that Make Smardis Special

Call center and technical support

First and foremost, the company provides services for two complete departments of a business, which are call center and technical support. There are a host of services included in the call center department, which include getting feedback from customers, taking orders from clients, answering calls of existing customers to cross-sell or up-sell, etc. and also making outbound calls for sales. As far as technical support is concerned, it deals with the technical aspect of call center services. In the most basic sense, it is still classified as customer support, but the agents answering the calls can troubleshoot technical problems for customers because they have this knowledge. 

The type of services you require will depend on what industry you belong to. If you are in the manufacturing business related to machinery, you will probably need technical support staff that can troubleshoot customer problems over the phone. In the event that your business is selling products, you will require call center agents to make cold calls for generating leads, have them place orders and also make outbound calls for making sales. With Smardis, you can avail all of these services and a lot more. It is regarded as your one-stop solution when your business requires both call center and technical support services. Smardis by Oren Giditz ensures that you can enjoy consistent quality of services and are able to make your payments easily and securely. 

Innovative and advanced VoIP setup 

How will a company be able to offer you robust call center services when it is lacking in an advanced and developed VoIP setup? With the advancement in technology, it is no longer possible for any business to just depend on PSTN technology. This particular service is outdated and is becoming obsolete and is certainly not appropriate for a call center in the 21st century. You cannot take the decision of the setup lightly because it is a reflection of your brand. Smardis LTD, therefore, provides businesses with cutting-edge VoIP setup through which they can provide quality call center services with smooth calls over the phone. Moreover, Smardis SR also taps into the numerous benefits associated with VoIP to aid with your branding. 

For instance, some businesses require additional services, such as audio conferencing or video conferencing and Smardis is fully capable of delivering them. When signing up with Smardis, you can communicate your requirements to them and they will create a customized package in accordance with your needs.

Covering various industries 

The hiring practices of the company have also worked wonders for it. A considerable amount of money, time and effort has been spent by Smardis into adopting the best HR practices. The technical and customer support teams provided by Smardis comprise of some of the most skilled and talented individuals in the market. This is made obvious by the number of industries where Smardis is currently offering its services. Whether you are interested in getting call center and technical support services for healthcare, retail, education, energy, real estate, financial or hospitality industry, Smardis has the talent to provide its services in every single one of them.

This particular feature of the company has helped Smardis in distinguishing itself amidst the sea of competitors. Most of the call center providers out there only offer their services in a particular industry. Plus, you have to spend a substantial sum of money for availing their services as they tend to charge higher prices than the rest. Why? This is due to the fact that they refer to themselves as specialists. Is it really worth it? Yes, having specialists does mean that they can explain everything about your products to customers, but they will probably not be able to sell them. 

Furthermore, anyone who is a specialist will be at least interested in answering customer calls. Thus, it makes a lot more sense to leave the specialists to their own tasks and opt for regular call center and technical support services. 

Offering a wide array of services 

Why do businesses outsource? Their aim is to reduce their burden and focus more on the primary business activities instead of dealing with the extras. This certainly doesn’t negate the importance of call center and technical support for a business. Nevertheless, outsourcing these activities has proven to be quite beneficial for businesses previously. It doesn’t make sense for a business to spend more on a department when it doesn’t generate enough returns. The ideal solution is to check out the services provided by Smardis LTD because it offers you a comprehensive solution for addressing your communication needs between the business and its clientele. 

Availing the services of Smardis SR doesn’t mean that they will just answer calls and respond to general queries of customers. In fact, it can provide you with a number of other call center services. For instance, Smardis gives you professional agents who are able to place and handle orders on behalf of your business. They are also able to address technical issues. In the case that you decide to use their services for marketing and setting up webinars, the agents can make calls to the attendees and retarget them by getting in touch after the event. The services can also be hired for upselling and cross-selling. They can also assist you in generating leads by obtaining phone numbers and other contact details of clients.

Providing services at reasonable rates 

Smardis SR cannot be considered the cheapest outsourcing solution for call center and technical support services. You can take a look at their payment plans and pricing model and it will become obvious that they have no intention of being the cheapest, as there are cheaper alternatives available. Instead, Smardis aims to provide you with affordable and reasonably-priced services. A comparison with other providers of call center solutions will show you that Smardis is very competitive. However, Smardis LTD is able to get an edge because it gives you value for money. From cutting-edge and advanced call center and VoIP equipment to professional technical and customer support services, Smardis ensures that you are getting a return for every penny.

Pricing is an important factor to consider when outsourcing. There is no point in considering it if it is not cost effective for a business. If outsourcing is too costly, businesses would prefer having their own customer and technical support departments, hire the staff and supervise them. The good news is that there is a huge difference between the cost of in-house call center solutions and outsourced services. The competitive and reasonable prices charged by Smardis SR makes outsourcing a sound decision for businesses.

When opting for Smardis, businesses are not required to incur the cost of management and setup. An hourly rate is charged for the services provided, which makes it an affordable and a convenient option for small and medium sized businesses in particular. 

Supporting numerous channels 

An operations manager or a business owner will be familiar with the complexities associated with customer support services these days. Customer support departments today have to have the most advanced technology and also need to be present to deal with all types of customers, something that wasn’t necessary a couple of years ago. Smardis uses numerous channels for providing call center services to businesses, which enables them to keep up with all requirements. Phone support is just one aspect of their call center solutions.

Chat support has become quite popular for providing customer service and is offered on the official website of the company. Not only is it effective in answering general queries and technical ones, chat support is also useful in generating leads. How? Agents speak to customers, deal with their queries, provide them with assistance and get their contact details in the process. Emails and instant messaging apps are additional channels to be explored. Smardis SR empowers a business to provide support through all these channels.

Scaling as per requirement 

No matter what service it may be, a business never thinks in the short-term. Their focus is on long-term solutions to compete in the market and this is where Smardis is helpful because it scales its operations as per the business’s requirements. A business grows and expands over time and will eventually need more agents for customer support. Likewise, there are times when a business needs extra support temporarily like during a marketing campaign. 

When you are marketing your business, you can expect more calls and you will need more agents to answer them. Smardis can scale their services as per your requirement to ensure you are not left short when you need agents and your business doesn’t suffer as a result.

Multi-lingual support 

It wasn’t that long ago that calling different countries was costly. This problem was resolved with VoIP. Nowadays, you can reach out to customers in every part of the world at low rates. When you are operating your business in several countries, your customer services also need to be personalized. Smardis LTD enables you to do exactly,  so by providing customer support solutions in multiple languages. This can turn out to be immensely useful for a business because this helps customers understand everything in their own language, which increases customer retention and can bring repeat customers. 

Bottom Line 

Having an agent or two for answering customer calls and dealing with technical issues is not a long-term solution for a business. Every business requires reliable and efficient customer and technical support services that can be scaled according to their needs and are not too costly. If businesses choose to compromise on quality for keeping costs low, it can have a negative impact on their brand. Their reputation will suffer and customer retention also becomes difficult. If you are looking for the perfect solution that gives you everything you need without breaking the bank, Smardis LTD is the right way to go. You can enjoy top notch call center and technical service solutions with various features all at affordable rates.