Protect Against These Cyber Security Threats With PGP For BlackBerry

Every few weeks it seems like a new major threat to cybersecurity grabs the headlines. The risks are always growing and it’s important that you know how to protect yourself, whether you run a business or you’re just concerned about cyberattacks and internet privacy. But you may be asking yourself, what are some of the most dangerous attacks and how can you protect yourself?

#1 Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways to strike at a business or an individual. They are attempts to get you to click on a link or an attachment in an email that will install malware on your system, or provide login information to an important account (like your bank or your business computer network). Sophisticated phishing attacks, called spearphishing, may use intercepted emails to learn more about your organization before attempting the attack. They may try to pose as clients or valuable business partners and then ask for financial data or persuade an employee to click a link or open an attachment containing malware.

#2 Ransomware

Often the result of a phishing attack, ransomware is a debilitating cyberattack that shuts down the entire computer network. Ransomware attacks have been in the headlines lately, shutting down everything from the UK’s NHS to BNP Paribas. Wired is calling it the “Ransomware Meltdown” and it is quickly spreading across the globe, affecting some of the world’s largest corporations. But you don’t have to be a big business to have a target on your back; in fact, the majority of cybercrime targets small and medium-sized businesses.

Cybercriminals hold your system hostage until you pay to release it. Until then, your business is paralyzed, meaning you can’t earn money or work for your clients. It can be a crippling experience for a small business, and it can all be avoided with a subscription plan to an encrypted email service provider.

#3 Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Much like ransomware, MIIM attacks are often the result of a successful phishing attack. Clicking the wrong link or opening the wrong attachment can expose your device to a long list of vulnerabilities that jeopardize your privacy. A MIIM attack is sophisticated; it’s a form of malware that waits on your computer while you enter your login credentials. Without you knowing, it switches out the server storing your login information, putting that valuable information in the hands of cybercriminals while you don’t suspect a thing.

PGP for BlackBerry can help protect your organization from phishing attacks and their costly consequences. Business plans and individual devices are available from BlackBerry PGP encryption companies like Myntex. Here’s how PGP for BlackBerry works:

  • Bring in your own device or purchase a BlackBerry from a local encryption reseller
  • The reseller will provide a SIM card and activate it when you get a prepaid subscription
  • When you use PGP for BlackBerry from Myntex, you can use a device tailored for encrypted email, which means that it shuts down other functions (like apps) to maximize your security

PGP for BlackBerry means that your emails are encrypted and secure – if anyone attempts to intercept your emails, they will be unable to read the message. It also means that anyone who does not use PGP encryption won’t be able to email you in the first place. In today’s world, cybercrime is at an all-time high. Know the risks and find the solution that will protect you and your business.