Princeton isolates iPad WiFi problems

The IT department at Princeton University has reportedly managed to isolate the cause of the iPad’s troubling WiFi woes.

Indeed, as TG Daily previously reported, a number of iPad owners have reported wireless connectivity issues with their hallowed and “magical” tablet devices, including weak Wi-Fi reception, dropped signals and difficulty connecting to various routers.

However, according to Everything iPad, Princeton network engineers have officially blamed the iPad’s OS (iPhone 3.2), rather than the device itself.

“Princeton’s network engineers found that the connectivity issue arises when the iPad fails to renew its DHCP lease – a process which would renew its IP address with the router it is connected to – but continues to attempt to use the same IP,” wrote Chris Davies of Everything iPad.

“In the meantime, the router may block what it perceives as a lapsed IP, or it may have assigned that address to another wireless client. However, in certain circumstances, the iPad fails to refresh its DHCP even when a full connection isn’t being made, leaving the user unable to get online.”

Current workarounds reportedly include initiating a cold boot, turning the wireless off and on, as well as moving out and then back into the router’s range.