Buy an Xbox 360 game, get a bag of pot for free

Smoke ’em if you got ’em! And who has them? Well, not us, obviously. But a child of four in Britain does. 

Yes, ’tis true. According to The Sun, the lucky Riley Brown opened a used Xbox 360 game and discovered an aromatic bag of cannabis just waiting to be rolled, smoked and toked.

“I checked and realized [what it was]. I was horrified and took it off him straight away,” Andy Brown told The Sun.

“But what if he’d thought it was sweets, and started munching away? It doesn’t bear thinking about. They should check all the boxes before they sell them.”

The 30 year-old father of three added that he had voiced his concerns to Littlehampton’s Blockbuster where the game was purchased.

“[But] they didn’t seem too concerned and said they’d credit a free rental to my account. But this isn’t a matter of a scratched CD or wrong disc, it’s serious.”