Precision cables- Get diverse varieties of stainless steel wires

Fine wires or cables are the basic unit of most of the electrical devices that we use every day. Whether it is a costly transformer or a simple gadget, you may notice the application of wires. Many of these cables are manufactured with high-quality metal. Or, you can also find a strong blend of non-metallic and metallic substances. However, it depends on what purpose you are using the wire. These wires are of various types, and the major difference crops us mainly during the process of manufacturing them. The materials used for them can also differ from each other; however, the stainless steel wires are the most reliable ones.

Fine wires of only stainless steel-

Most of the professionals look for these stainless steel wires, which is not only flexible but also durable. They are useful to meet lots of industrial needs and have high tensile strength. The best fact about these cables is that they can endure extreme level of temperature due to the thermal resistance capacity. Diameter of this wire ranges from 2 to 10μm. These resilient wires are useful for various purposes-

  • Creating mesh and architectural structure
  • Agricultural needs- To make frames and beehives
  • Locking cable that ensures safety
  • To prepare braiding cables
  • Medical needs- To make dental accessories

Steel wire- Designed with low or high carbon

Carbon steel wire is also good option to lots of experts, and you can choose high or low carbon steel cable. The latter one is usually a bright, galvanized product. You may use these wires in the automotive or construction fields. Diameter of these wires ranges from 0.009” to almost 1.22”. The carbon-made wires are easy to form and you will also be able to manage them for bending or flattening.

Wires with high carbon are also useful as computer cables and the cables of musical devices. In fact, as the carbon percentage is very high, they are much stronger in nature. The steel wire with lower carbon content has special coatings, treated with heat.

Steel wire treated with oil tempering procedure

This is a strong cold drawn wire that has undergone a heat treatment. This innovative process enhances the durability and level of strength of the wire. Thus, the wire will not become brittle and may gain the capability of withstanding higher level of pressure. The process of tempering makes your cable more suitable for designing springs. There are two most popular categories of springs- compression and extension. All these springs are useful for various industrial sectors.

The latter one is not only able to save energy but also effective to resist force. It has also expandable length that can be realized at the time of pulling. As the tempering technique keeps up the wire’s flexible quality, it is highly recommendable.

Compression spring system is also a very popular option, and it is designed for absorbing the compressed energy, against a spring’s axle. Oil tempered cable is best for this spring as there is extra power, generating during the process of tempering.

Metal wires useful in various sectors

Precision wire is applicable in a variety of sectors in order to make various products-

  • Aerospace cable- In the field of aerospace, fine wires are essential for various applications, related to aircraft. The best cables meet the performance and safety standard for the outstanding result.
  • Medical wires- To design the clinical tools, there is a need of high-quality stainless steel wires or the cables of excellent standard metal. With various treatments and coatings, these wires are highly corrosion-resistant.
  • Heat treatment- Nickel chromium wires with high resistance level are much useful in this industrial sector.
  • Petrochemicals- For petrochemical industry, the wires are important element for making clips, spring and many other wire-like structures.

In addition to it, you can find the use of wire in many other domains, such as, construction, metallurgy and mining industries.

So, to meet your needs, you may look for stainless steel cables. The best suppliers have a stock of profiled and round wires. Depending on your application, you may find wires, which have special coatings on them. Choose the length of your wire and check out whether its diameter is suitable to fulfill your needs.