Polaroid products rise from the ashes

You’ll have to excuse me while I drift off into a nostalgic reverie. But Polaroid products including 600 Color Instant Film and the One-Step Camera are to be resurrected under a distribution deal with Summit Global Group.

Summit Global says its plans to bring back instant photography using traditional analog film should appeal not just to old fogeys but also  to a new generation of consumers.

“With significant marketing effort being applied to instant photography, both with the re-launch of instant film and through product line expansion of the digital formats, we will introduce the Polaroid Brand to younger consumers and ready them for a lifetime of Polaroid experiences”, said Giovanni Tomaselli, Managing Director of Summit Global.

Summit Global is excited about its Zero Ink Technology from ZINK Imaging, available with the PoGo Instant Digital Printer. This connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or digital camera via USB cable for instant printing.

“The fact that you can unlock all those photos from your mobile phone will be a great boost for instant photography”, says Tomaselli.

The company is also planning to launch a version of the Instant Digital Camera that produces four- by three-inch instant digital photos in 2010.